A Succulent Selection Of Memes & Things

Here we are again, staring down the barrel of yet another week. It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through 2022, but as Smash Mouth once wisely pointed out, the years really do start coming and they don’t stop coming. Over the past six months, we’ve experienced countless global events, passing internet fads, and of course, important things happening in our lives. 

Needless to say, this can all get pretty overwhelming, pretty quickly. We need to make sure we have some coping mechanisms at hand to help us through the tough times, or even just the times when it seems like things just won’t stop happening. This is one of the main functions of memes, making sure that even if we don’t understand what’s going on around us, at least we can enjoy the ride with some silly little pictures. They’re one of the few parts of life where we don’t have to think too hard, and that’s nothing short of a blessing.