A Sudden Burst of Different Memes

Some of the best memes come from things we don’t really expect. Some enterprising sh*tposter picks up on a random combination of words or a mildly amusing screenshot and things snowball into an uncontrollable party of humorous one-upmanship. There aren’t very many other places where we are allowed to be so ridiculous. For all that the internet might be rotting our brains, memes are an outlet that we definitely need. They can be annoying, they can repeat themselves, and more often than not, they are incredibly dumb. At the same time, these things are all a big part of the reason that we keep on coming back to them. We can’t help but want to see what the memes are saying, even when it isn’t very much at all. If we have to do something to distract ourselves from the more important things, it may as well be this.