A Sudden Gust of Random Memes

If you’re on the right side of the world for it, it’s round about time that spring is meant to be getting started. Forget all the lethargy, darkness, and coldness of winter, we’re hopeful again now baby! Just kidding, if things are bad they’re just going to be bad in a slightly different season. Still, that doesn’t mean that we should dwell on it. It’s time to air out our brains and spirits in a distinctly springlike fashion by clogging them up with some more memes. They don’t really care what season it is or what state you’re in, they just want to give you a dash of easy entertainment. It’s a humble yet worthy task, and for that, we’ve got to be thankful. We could go outside and enjoy some fresh, cross-seasonal air, but this is honestly a much more enjoyable alternative. Anyway, these memes aren’t going to look at themselves.