A Sweet Selection of Cake Memes That Leave No Crumbs

Cake is one of those things that falls under the category of “who wouldn’t love it?”. There may be some sugar haters and diabetics that would argue otherwise, but most of us have a soft spot for this elite treat. It’s hard to think of any other kind of baked good where there are so many varieties, and so many quirky and inventive ways to decorate them. 

Much of the time, we associate cakes with special events. Birthdays, weddings, leaving parties; they all tend to involve a sugary centerpiece that celebrates a milestone of sorts. That doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy them at other times, however. Cake is the ultimate pick-me-up food, and we should all feel like we get to enjoy it regularly no matter what the occasion. If you’re hoping to spare your blood sugar level, then these memes are a great consolation prize. Until the next slice, my friends.