A Time Capsule of ’90s News Stills

The nostalgia is strong with the people of the Internet. We’re guilty of it, too. It’s hard to escape the articles about millennials, ’90s kids memes, and the nostalgic pictures of bygone products and customs that are constantly being shared on social media. While we miss Altoids sours as much as the next geriatric millennial, the incessant wistfulness is getting old. Instead of crying about the products of capitalism we used to enjoy, today we’re going to take a weird walk down a different memory lane – ’90s news stills. These stills, which are collected and shared by @90snewsscreens, are a unique window into local news of yore. Some of you might even remember the anchors. It’s clear that the news has changed in the last few decades, and we don’t really think its changed for the better.