A Timeless Bunch of Tasty Tweets

Twitter is a wild place. For one, it can be an incredibly toxic place. The anonymity that the internet provides is something of a blanket to sinister types who live to antagonize strangers. The trolling, and even straight-up bullying, is everywhere. So why exactly do we spend so much time on the godforsaken site? It could be because we’re masochists. But it could also be because there’s actually some good mixed in amongst the vitriol. The good comes in the form of clever tweets from comedians (and wannabe comedians). These people do miss sometimes, but we’re so thankful for the amount of humor they inject into our sad little lives. It’s no small feat to spread laughter when it feels there is so little to laugh about. These tweets, from the exact sort of character we’re referring to, are a beacon of hope in a Mordor-like internet wasteland. Here’s to the people who tweeted ’em.