A Titillating and Tempting Tangle Of Different Memes

The single greatest thing about memes is a subject that is up for debate, but up there has to be the fact that we never truly know what’s coming next. As a form of communication, art and/or sh*tposting that comes from the minds of all kinds of people, all over the world, there is always something a little unexpected around the corner. Of course, we’re all so used to certain tropes and punchlines that we do end up repeating ourselves from time to time, but at least this usually happens in a way that is compelling enough to keep us scrolling. That, or we forgot that the meme in question existed. Either way, at least they are still doing enough to keep us entertained, at least most of the time. Plus, there is always that element of surprise that may pop up when we are not primed to expect it.