A Treasure Trove of Glimmering Meme Doubloons

Y’ARG MATEYS! This be a pirate meme compilation. My name is Captain Craig (I know, it’s a lousy pirate name…I’m working on it), and I have a tale of woe that’s worse than swabbing the deck for fourteen fortnights or even walking the plank. Our fierce pirate crew decked our ship on a deserted island, knowing there was bound to be some hidden treasure afoot. Ye ship’s trusty boatswain came upon a big red X, and we knew it would be easy sailing from here. Imagine my surprise when Scallyway Steve dug up the hidden treasure, I pried it open with me hook, and all that was inside was a couple of useless memes. These are not the golden doubloons I was hoping for, that’s for sure. Instead of hoarding the useless garbage to ourselves, I’ve decided, out of the goodness of my piratical heart, to share these random and rowdy memes with the people of the internet. Don’t ever say pirates never did anything good for ye.