A Varied Gallery of Memes, Tweets and Tumblr Posts

Happy Sunday, internet users and abusers! We’ve almost made it through yet another fabulous weekend on our illustrious planet Earth. How does it feel? Well, after an unfulfilling weekend of trying to recuperate from the workweek, I’m honestly still tired as hell and feel like my life is passing me by. It’s pretty cruel that the weekend hasn’t really helped my mood or my general feelings about existence. I always find myself wondering how many days off it takes to actually feel good. The weekly therapy sessions (expensive!) can only do so much to help quell the symptoms of the thankless hustle and the growing pains of seasonal depression. Even my therapist barely seems present these days, maybe she needs to get on some meds herself. If the people who are paid to help others aren’t actually capable of doing it, there is a serious problem. To really feel better (or at least halfway decent) we need humor. The easiest way to get it is by scrolling furiously through stupid and funny memes. Memes like these.