A Zesty Garnish of Random Memes

For those of us out there who are of the more online variety, it could be argued that memes are a necessity. We spent that many years learning how to speak the language of silly internet things that we’d be lost without them. 

Still, we’ve got to remember that not everyone feels the same way. Some people enjoy online humor from a very limited place, because they have things like ‘hobbies’ and ‘friends’. Some people only engage with memes as something to send to other people, as opposed to nose exhale at in the privacy of their own minds. 

In short, there are plenty of the population for whom memes simply add to the enjoyment of an already full life (couldn’t be me). It’s a good way to look at them sometimes, because it makes you appreciate them more. They are pretty special, even if most of them we forget as quickly as we see them.