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The Laughing Otter

The Laughing Otter is a positive alternative to all the negative media, both social and otherwise, that bombards us from every direction, every day. It is a positive membership community that laughs, grows, and gives back together – something that we can all feel good about.

As a bonus, 5% is donated to grassroots initiatives, The Laughing Otter Scholarship Program, and Not-For-Profit Organizations to help children and people at risk.

Have a click around, become a member, learn and hopefully The Laughing Otter will help you will find that little “Something” that will make you smile.

The Original Otter

Jeff Bogensberger

CEO & Founder

After realizing that he just does not look that good in sequins, Jeff decided he better get an education instead of trying to become a Neil Diamond background singer. 30 years later, armed with an MBA, 10,000s of miles of travel, and years of experience he is motivated by two simple thoughts:

1. “People are awesome when given a chance”.
2. “Life doesn’t have to be this hard”.

These two philosophies underpin everything that is done at The Laughing Otter.

With an ardent belief that behind every great song is a driving rhythm section and that this is the year for the Maple Leafs, he genuinely wants the world to be a happier place. One where everyone is given a fair chance to have a lot more fun.  


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