We deliver positive entertainment across the globe.

What We Do

The Laughing Otter focuses on the creation and promotion of positive news, events,  experiences and products.

Events & Experiences

We create fun and engaging events that push culture and engage young and old audiences alike.

Positive News

We bring you the best positive news from around the world.


We create great merchandise from hats to NFTs.

Our Mission

It is no secret that mental health and wellness issues are on the rise.  

It’s a world-wide epidemic that thankfully is now becoming front page news. Celebrities, The Royal Family, sports stars, and artists are now among the people who are speaking out and assisting in bringing the importance of mental health and wellness to everyone’s attention.


Our mission is give each other ways to be happier and find that ‘something’ that makes us smile.


The Laughing Otter community provides numerous ways to connect, learn, grow, and just be happier through our content, events and products.

One major way to improve personal happiness is to help others.

The Laughing Otter believes in giving back and making a social impact. We support people who need a helping hand and give children a fair start in life so they too can be happy and fulfill their dreams.

We also know that the arts provide a universal language that improves happiness across the globe. The Laughing Otter supports artists through multiple channels so that they receive a fair cut of the revenue generated from their creations and be recognised.

Making the world a happier place, one person at a time.

The Laughing Otter is a global community synonymous with improving mental health and giving children a fair start in life.

Social Impact

Every action at The Laughing Otter has the lives of children and improving mental health in mind.
Through partnering with respected organisations and The Laughing Otter activities we are making a difference to the lives of millions around the world.

Web 3.0

The Laughing Otter is leveraging the emotional excitement and technological advancements happening in Web 3.0 to accelerate the goals of making a social impact globally. 2023 will see the release of an NFT for good marketplace, series of The Laughing Otter and co-branded NFTs, and a unique Metaverse with real world positive social impact built in.


The Laughing Otter is a community that believes that we can collectively make a difference. Events both online and in real life, positive discussions, social media interaction along with making a meaningful social impact are just some of the reasons that The Laughing Otter community unites.

Meet the Team

Jeff Bogensberger – MBA

Founder & CEO

Jeff Bogensberger is an entrepreneurial visionary with a passion for building successful ventures on a global scale. With a career spanning across diverse industries and continents, he has cultivated a keen understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends.

When not engulfed in The Laughing Otter, Jeff loves playing his drums and the freedom of the great outdoors.

Laia Fernández

Chief Marketing Officer

Laia Fernández is a career marketing strategist, Web3 visionary, growth expert, a biohacker, but at the core, an entrepreneur. The Laughing Otter relies on Laia to drive the global brand and go to market strategy by creating a vision, building a brand, and bringing that vision to life.

When not actively driving The Laughing Otter brand, Laia’s many interests include travel, health and fitness, and social causes.

Megan Sanelli

Head of Digital

Megan Sanelli has a flair for the creative.  Working closely with The Laughing Otter team, Megan is instrumental in delivering all visual aspects of the brand.

Megan is an avid gamer, outdoor enthusiast, and loving pet owner.

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If you’d like us to help with an event or some content creation drop us line, we’d love to hear from you.

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