We seefinance everywhere, from our retirement assets to our investments in housing andeducation. Yet, many smart people still find finance intimidating. Key ideaslike insurance, leverage, risk, value creation, mergers and bankruptcies remainshrouded in mystery for the majority of people who spend their days on MainStreet instead of Wall Street. The 2008financial crisis revealed that we could all benefit from a clearer understandingof how markets work. Yet, too often finance is taught in ways that are dry, technical, or jargon-filled. Enter Mihir Desai. A professor at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, he is on a mission to restore the connection between the humanities and finance. Inhis book The Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the world of Risk and Return, Professor Desai explores the ideas of finance from a humanities perspective. In this course, hell teach you the most importantfinancial conceptsusing stories from books like Prideand Prejudice, the Maltese Falcon and the Bible. This isnot a personal finance course. Instead, it will be a vivid, story-based tour of the key ideas in finance. By the end of this course, youllbe able to converse fluently about key financial concepts, unpack financialstories in the news, and recognize financial ideas as they show up in everydaylife. Youll start to realize that, rather than being intimidating, the corepractices of finance are all around us and have been ingrained in our storiesfor centuries.