Business Finance role or FP & Arole has become a core function of every organization. Organization more and more focusing to have a separate team within finance who works on organizational strategy. FP & Ahas opportunity to balance both finance as well as business. This tutorial is made keeping mind the young budding finance professional who are keen on exploring FP & A and business finance field or just starting their business finance journey. This will help them to have an edge over other finance professionals. Focus on this tutorial to gain deeper understanding how FP & A/ Business Finance works and how someone taking this tutorial can gain immense knowledge out of this and start implementing the learnings. Tutorial has been made keeping in mind for folk who are starting this role/ or plans to advance her/his knowledge. Tutorial gives a clear path to be aCFO and how many things she/he needs to keep in mind for adding value to the organization. This tutorial will certainly develop concepts to be applied in day to day functioning of the work. In fact, one can start creating an impact basis these learnings. These are fairly simple yet impactful. With the course subscription, Iam offering 1 month on the job mentoring. This will help her/him to get detailed understanding of all key areas and make progress in the career. Iam really looking forward to folks to learn the nuance of FP & A/ business finance and make a wonderful career!