Do you suffer from a lack of consistent leads that keeps you from scaling your business?You are not alone! Prospecting is hard and salespeople and others in charge of selling B2B products or services probably don’t have either the knowledge and/or the time to experiment with different potential approaches, methodologies, and tools to get better results. This course is NOT about how to use LinkedIn. This course is about how juicing LinkedIn to identify the right prospects for your business, how to get in contact with them, how to develop a professional relationship and how to convert those leads into clients. Many marketers and sellers spend time trying to sell to prospects from the get go. However, people are tired of being sold. Hence, they ignore or delete those messages as soon as they get them. With this course you will learn to build rapport and trust from your prospects and prepare them to be in the right mindset to buy from you. Get a real competitive advantage for your business. Learn how develop and execute a complete and propermarketing plan for your B2B. Isn’t it time you get huge results from your business?Implementing what you will learn in this course will allow you to: Establish yourself as THE EXPERT in your fieldIdentify potential prospects and leads for your businessNetwork with targeted decision makers that can boost your revenuesBuild a repeatable marketing process that generates consistent leads and businessIncrease salesWith this course you will learn: How to identify your mission (if it is not yet fully clear). This will help you identify and dominate your niche, so you can be perceived as an expert. How to develop your ideal prospect(s) persona. This will allow to be super focus when searching LinkedIn for the perfect prospects. Furthermore, this will allow you to understand the needs, wants and motivations of your prospects. This, in turn, will help you develop the right, personalized messages for your audience. How to build your database of thousands of highly targeted prospects. How to find your prospects emails, even if you are not connected with your prospects (on LinkedIn). You will learn different techniques, including manual/semi-automated ones as well as advanced techniques using chrome extensions, gmail extensions and apps. How to verify the emails to reduce or eliminate bounces and why this is important. How to write email sequences that your prospects want to read. This follows the social giving strategy. How to write copy and message scripts that will make your prospects interested in what you have to offer and to move them to book appointments with you. You will learn different methodologies including the pattern interrupt, How to use the right tools to create drip campaigns with personalized messages. The drip campaigns allow you to create sophisticated rules to define when to send the next message on a sequence, or when to cancel the next messages when a prospect takes certain actions and more. How to track your progress and manage all the leads generated.30-day money back guaranteeYou have a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our work. Enroll now and start creating the future you want. You know the drill: No prospects – No sales – No business. It’s time to change that. Now you have the opportunity to get targeted leads and prospects investing onlya few minutes every day workingwith a proven system that will create a continuous flow of potential customers.