So what is a tritone?Or a quartal? UST’s.huh?These are the techniques that advanced piano players use to create “spicier” chords and progressions. You know that super hip, rich sound? The techniques in this course show you how to get THAT sound.I’m going to show you how to create these big, ‘phat’ chords, then show you how to apply them to a song. After that, you can then use these techniques on thousands of other jazz, blues, gospel and funk songs.A tritone is a technique used to change the harmony (progression) of a song. This is a simplified version and we will go into much more detail in the lesson. But, by knowing this technique you can make songs sound more original and add your own signature sound to your arrangements. Quartals are chords that are built in 4ths. By using this technique, your chords get an “open” sound which sounds modern and hip. Next, when you add UST’s (Upper Structure Triads) to your chords they POP with rich chordal goodness. It really is a superb sound. In order to get the most from this course, make sure that you already know all of your basic Major, Minor and Dominant seventh chords. These techniques in this course will also help you to improve your improvisation skills because playing these modern chords under your improvisation sounds really hip!