Airport Memes For Those Dealing With The Misfortune of Flying Home For The Holidays

I love going to the airport. I know I’m in the minority, but there’s something so relaxing about going through security, finding my gate, getting a little snack, walking around the terminal, and finally getting on an airplane. I don’t have any flying anxiety because if the plane crashes, there is nothing I can do about it. Of all the ways to die, death by flying machine is definitely in my top 3. 

Unfortunately, most people do not enjoy flying as much as I do, and I understand why! Airports are dirty and chaotic, especially at this time of the year. In the midst of this significant winter storm sweeping the Midwest, I fear for everyone flying during the days leading up to and following Christmas. With all of the flight cancelations, I feel so awful for the airline workers and everyone who wasn’t able to get home for the holidays. If you wish you lived in the same city as your family right now, these airline memes will make you groan in relatable agony.