Alien Memes For People Who Love or Possibly Feel Like Extraterrestrials

Remember the whole “Storm Area 51” meme movement from a few years ago? It’s amazing how time flies when you’re absolutely not having fun. Prior to the satirical event, which was popularized on Facebook, I actually enjoyed alien memes. Then the naruto-running freaks took hold of things and ruined them. As a staunch X-Files fan, and alien movie connoisseur, it’s true that most alien memes are stupid. But that’s okay, because most memes are stupid in general. But there’s something about extraterrestrials that makes me wish they were more prevalent in the meme scene, and not in a cringey Area 51 bandwagon-y way. 

Pot-smoking alien memes aside (an old favorite alien meme genre of mine), there are some decent alien memes out there, and they’re not just about aliens being aliens. A lot of them have to do with the relatable feeling of being a total weirdo and outsider. We’ve got a mix of every type of alien content, carefully curated from the hallowed halls of Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. We come in peace.