Top 10 Summer Cooking Courses

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You don’t have to start a fad diet and starve yourself this summer to look good in your summer swimsuit. Start eating healthy and hit the beach with that perfect body.

It is generally believed that summers are better for exercise routine as the basic metabolic rate is believed to go higher and foods are burned faster.

However, it is very necessary to watch out to what you eat and how much exercise you do.

Enrol in our diploma in summer dieting and learn not only how to control your calories this summer but also establish a healthy eating style.


This course will teach you the essentials of cooking aromatic Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Mediterranean food. You can approach this course as a beginner or even as an advanced chef trying to learn about a new cooking style. While the course will start out with basics such as cooking rice and steak, it will get more advanced by the end. You are in for a flavorful adventure to learn about an exotic cuisine.

First, we will cover making Tikka and Okra Tomato Soup, two important dishes originating from Iraq and famous across the Middle East. You will learn the basic skills that you will apply in the rest of the lectures and on your own, as you experiment with other dishes, later on.

Next, you will be happy to see a world famous and vegan prized dish in Falafel from Palestine…

Hello, my name is Simon and I’m a home cook with a real passion for cooking. I have gathered through the years a lot of traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes for savory dishes and desserts, that I would like to share.

I’m not a professional chef; I learned how to cook from my mother and by trial and error, so I know very well that cooking can seem difficult and challenging. Too often, the recipes, especially for exotic cuisines, can seem too complicated to even try. That’s why my aim in these lessons is to try and simplify things as much as possible.

As for the Lebanese food itself, it is becoming more and more famous all over the world with entrees and dips like the hummus or the baba ghannouj, savory dishes like the Moghrabieh, the Mulukhiyah and desserts like the Kunafa…


“Cooking Burgers” (Learn everything about cooking your own burgers from scratch: buns, patties, sauces, toppings. All in one place!) says it all from its title. This course is addressed to all those who don’t want to wait until they get to their favourite burger place and would like to create that delicious burger in the comfort of their own kitchen. You’ll find a comprehensive collection of methods and proposals of ingredients that will teach you how to prepare and cook the entire mise-en-place for your own burgers.

It starts with the classic, soft and puffy bun topped with sesame, that most of the burger lovers appreciate when reviewing their favorites. The method is split into five short videos, so that the viewer can easily understand and practice every step. And, because so many people around the world try to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates, you will also find a great low-carb burger…


If you always thought your space was too small to start a garden, we’re here to prove you wrong!

Why grow your own fruit and veg?
ensure that they truly are organic and pesticide free
teach children about food sources and care for plants
reduce your carbon footprint
the joy of harvesting and cooking something you grew yourself!
When you learn how to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you’re in charge of how they are taken care of, when they are harvested and how long it takes to go from garden to table…


This online beer training is developed with great pleasure by Laurens & Erik; Beer trainers by profession.

Together we have more than 25 years of international experience in entertaining beer lovers and training bar staff in more than 40 different countries around the world. We do not use difficult terms and complex theories, but simply explain all the knowledge about beer treatment and tasting in a fun, entertaining and clear way.

Knowing beer is awesome, but knowing the best ways to enjoy it even more! In this course you will learn how to serve beer in the best possible way…


Caucasian Culinary is considered as one of the oldest culinary in the world. The cuisine of the Caucasus includes the traditional cooking methods of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

The Danish chef René Redzepi has described Georgia as home to “one of the last great undiscovered food cultures of Europe.” Travelers who have enjoyed the traditional cooking of the Mediterranean or Persian influence will find some familiarities present in the Caucasus: a bounty of fresh produce, the harmony of savory and sweet within the meat and grain-based dishes, and a deep, spiritual love of bread – ubiquitous, fragrant and essential. It should be noted that vegetarians, too, will do very well eating throughout the region as a plethora of dishes…


Hi! I’m Jennifer from RealFoodHeals dot com.

Join me as I discuss some of the most common health conditions and diseases and explain how you can heal from them naturally, using food as medicine.

If you are feeling sluggish, foggy in the head or just plain low on energy, than this course is for you!

You’ll get 19+ high quality lessons on topics ranging from Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies to Navigating Autoimmunity to Cancer Prevention. We’ll discuss ways in which you can bolster your immune system and ward off illnesses. You will also learn how to eat for prevention of diabetes and heart disease.


We all love delicious desserts and are always looking for new recipes to add to our file. We keep recipes because we know the finished dish is tasty and the process isn’t too long or too difficult. Recipes that meet these requirements are ‘keepers.’

The eight recipes in this class meet this requirement. These recipes can be made in the home kitchen without buying expensive equipment or searching all over town for special ingredients.

The step-by-step videos and detailed downloadable recipes will show you how to break down each step so that the baking process is not overwhelming…


This beautiful course will take you back to a time when we all used herbs as part of daily wellness routine. Herbs and plants are provided for us in nature to support us in our lives in the most amazing ways, many of which have been long forgotten.

Discover the wonderful world of herbs and how you can work with them in your every day life.

You will learn how to extract essential plant benefits from everyday plants that grow in the fields around us and many of which like the common dandelion we have treated as weeds over the years…