‘Am I The Drama?’ : 18 Best Therapy Memes of the Week for the Tired Crowd

Everybody carries a bit of baggage these days… In other words, we’re all walking red flags. We know, it sounds bad. But the world isn’t made of rainbows and unicorns, so we gotta deal. Instead of looking at it in a bad way, we think it would be more productive to be solution-oriented (Look at us all high and mighty).To be fair, we live in a digital age where everything is accessible to us, always. If that sounds like a good thing, we might argue that it isn’t. 


Still, therapy is more readily available than ever (Bloody expensive though). We could all use a little voice of reason now and again… just ask our ex. So before we book another crying session, let’s boost our serotonin a little with some hilariously relatable memes. When life throws you lemons… yes, go make lemonade. No, it’s not cliche. Okay, fine a little. Scroll down for the funnies, and for some more creative fails (people really outdid themselves) click here.