Amazon Shoppers Have a Field Day With Cat Carrier’s Ridiculously Photoshopped Product Image

Shopping on Amazon can be tricky for a multitude of reasons. The most glaring being that Jeff Bezos’ online shopping giant is known for its cruel treatment of its employees, and for putting small businesses, well, out of business. Another issue I’ve had is the sheer volume of fake reviews for cheap, poor-quality products hailing from China. Many of these products misrepresent themselves, and they’re often ineligible for refunds. Always read the fine print. 

Though sifting through reviews and scrutinizing product photos can be a tedious ordeal, every once in a while the process lands us on some comedic results, like the image below. For some reason, the “Ylong” brand decided that featuring a cat in their promotional photos for their airline-approved cat carrier was not enough. They had to give the cat an arguably drag-like makeover. In response to this choice, they’ve received dozens of trollish questions that have much more to do with the cat’s makeup than with the cat carrier itself. And they’re pretty damn funny. Moments like these remind us of how much we love the Internet, especially when people can connect over a common purpose: Comedy.