American Girl Doll Memes For Samanthas, Mollys, and Addys Alike

I think I know more about American Girl Dolls than you do, genius, and I really do mean that! I was an American Girl Doll stan as a child, and even though I haven’t fully gotten to the adult doll collector stage of life, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get there at some point. I spent many moons thumbing through the American Girl catalog as a kid, imagining what it would be like to have an ice cream bar for my doll for only $250!

Even though I loved the Girl of The Year dolls and the look-alike dolls, the real stars of the show were the historical characters. These girls went through so much trauma, and my 8-year-old self ate it up. Their books and movies were such an effective way to get young girls interested in history, and for that, I’m so grateful. Whether you were a Kit, a Josefina, or a Kirsten, these AG Doll memes are sure to bring back memories.