Amused Parents Share the Dumbest Situations That Have Devastated Their Toddlers

When you’re a kid almost everything feels like it’s the end of the world. When I was 4 I became absolutely convinced that the “cool” way to eat pizza was upside down. Cheese facing plate. Ridiculous. The first time my mom took me for pizza after this idea got into my head, I attempted this method between sips of Hawaiian Punch. Once she noticed what was happening she freaked out, grabbed the slice, and tried to get me to eat it the right way. I had a meltdown so explosive that she refused to set foot in the pizzeria ever again. 

Tantrums like these, unfortunately for weary parents, are not an uncommon occurrence. Kids are stubborn, and they don’t have the privilege of knowing that whatever is upsetting them is not even close to as painful as some of the things they’ll experience in theirteenage years or adulthood. One frustrated mom took to Twitter to share her 2 year old son’s devastation upon realizing his granola bar wrapper was pulled too low for his finer sensibilities. After @bessbell asked for prayers, other parents chimed in with their own experiences of meltdowns and mayhem. While these tales are incredibly funny and entertaining, they also function as a sort of warning to anyone who is considering having children. After reading about these emotional explosions – and the grudges that come with them – we’re not sure if it’s worth it.