An Appalling Bunch of the Purest Cringe

For some people out there, embarrassment comes as naturally as breathing. They are either so unaware, or so desperate for attention, that it is pure cringe that flows through their veins instead of blood. How it is possible to exist like this without imploding on oneself is another matter, but somehow they do it. Just look at all the highly questionable TikTok stars out there.

Of course, we are all capable of having cringeworthy moments. There are a unfortunate few, though, that appear to be unnaturally talented at it. The examples in this list may not all be long term cringe merchants, but it has to be said that they move like pros. In some ways, it’s as impressive as it is embarrassing, although not everyone here should be given too much credit. All of this cringe may be organic, but it sure as heck isn’t pleasant to be around.