An Entire ‘Invader Zim’ Backpack Worth of the Best Memes from This Week to Satisfy Millennials’ Nostalgic Funny Bone (March 9, 2023)

Don’t get stuck in the past, they say. Don’t dwell on it. Keep your eyes on the future. Live in the now! Listen. We are trying, okay? Us millennials are trying to end our generational trauma and spare the Gen Z and our Gen Alpha children, but dangit it’s hard… We just wanna curl up with our Dunkaroos and watch some Nick at Nite. The days when we used to hit the Blockbuster and have a slumber party were just so much easier. We need to satisfy our nostalgic yearning just as much as any generation, but we’re trying to not make it anybody else’s problem. So the best way to do that is with memes. Well, at least that has always been the millennials’ strongest creation. Yes, we may be cringe, but we are free! Anyways, these memes are for you, our sweet millennials. We see you, we understand, and we need these throwback nostalgia memes just as much as you.