An Entire Treasure Chest of Money Memes for Broke Folks Who Are Always Waiting for That Direct Deposit To Hit

You know financials are getting tight when you take a second look at the “wet floor” sign at Walmart, wondering how easy it would be to sue a multimillion-dollar corporation if you were to slip, fall, and break your back. In fact, if you just read that last sentence and you’re wondering how you haven’t thought of that yet, you’re probably one of those people who counts down the days until your direct deposit hits. Being broke isn’t just a reflection of the state of your bank account, it’s more of a lifestyle. They say when people are rich and luxurious that their personality really needed to fit that lifestyle, so their financial success followed suit. Well what if my personality is begging for another Cup of Noodles with a gourmet egg added to it? What if my personality loves all those scary sounds that my truck is making? Sigh, maybe someday my personality will manifest a trip to space in my private jet, but until then, I’m mopping floors on graveyard shifts and wondering if it would be difficult to find a nice, kind-hearted sugar daddy.