An Explosion of Memes to Blow Up the Tedium

Ah, Friday night. The weekend is just beginning, and there’s a sense of excitement in the air. The options of what you could do tonight are limitless. Perhaps you want to go out and party, or go to a bar and find a beautiful stranger to kiss. Maybe you’d rather stay in and watch a few movies, snack platter at your side. If none of those options appeal, then why not practice a spot of transcendental meditation to segue you peacefully into Saturday? 

I jest, of course. We all know the thing you long to do the most on this most magical of evenings is to enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that comes from looking at memes. Seeing as you’re already here, make yourself comfortable. It’s likely you have many blissful hours of mindless scrolling ahead of you, and we wouldn’t want you to start getting cramp (or be tempted to fall asleep).