Ancient Roman Memes for Ides of March Enjoyers

This week was a fun one back when we were in school. Pi day always meant doing something fun with pie. Either making pie, classmates would bring in pie, or sometimes a benevolent math teacher (There’s a reason I remember you, Ms. Buono) would do the work herself and bring in several pies for us to enjoy. The following day, in history class, things would get a little more morbid for the Ides of March. While we preferred eating free food, especially when it was loaded with sugar, talking about the historical backstabbing was a close second. 

While the betrayal of Julius Caesar may not feel particularly relevant for people in modern times, we here at Memebase like to celebrate history in the best (or funniest) way we know how: with memes. So we’ve put together a little treat for anyone who enjoys when humor and ancient history collide. Et tu, Brute?