Andrew Tate Gets Mocked For Claiming to Fight Ghost in Prison Cell

It’s not an easy job being the world’s most social media famous misogynist. However, we apparently live in a society where somebody has to do it. Over the period of time that Andrew Tate has dishonorably held this title, it has certainly been eventful.

Tate blew up the feeds of impressionable teenage boys the world over before he was banned from most social media platforms for spreading his bigoted views. He got his Twitter privileges back after the Elon Musk takeover, but they swiftly got him into hot water when an attempt at taking down Greta Thunberg backfired.

Not long after that, he was arrested by Romanian authorities under suspicion of crimes including human trafficking. Ever since, he’s been complaining about it on pretty much the only place on the internet that he’s allowed to.

As if this whole news cycle hasn’t been enough of a fever dream, Tate decided to share a rather dubious story this Saturday. Claiming to have “identified a ghost” in his prison cell the previous night, he announced that he “sent him back to hell with a message for the demons”. Whether he used his kickboxing skills or the sheer power of his mighty intellect is unclear.

We could be generous here, and assume that this bizarre tweet was some kind of extended metaphor about the brainwashed wokerati who won’t stop being mean to him. Ultimately, though, it’s much funnier to take it at face value ⁠— which is exactly what many baffled Twitter users did.