Andrew Tate Responds to Greta Thunberg Burn, Continues to Get Laughed At

Twitter was rocked to its core yesterday when it spawned a ridiculous celebrity controversy that somehow didn’t involve Elon Musk. Andrew Tate decided that it was a great time to try and taunt Greta Thunberg with his collection of expensive cars, and she dealt with him so savagely that the whole internet sat up and took notice.

Andrew’s initial reaction was perhaps even funnier than the burn itself, crying “How dare you?!” in the replies of a quote tweet that he clearly wasn’t expecting. The resulting pile on was a lot for one man’s ego, especially when you’ve built the empire of misogynistic twelve year old boys that he has. 

It was inevitable, then, that he was going to try and come up with a more extensive comeback. So, it was only a few hours before he typed out a response, complete with video

However, the damage had already been done, and people were not buying the bravado. Isn’t it nice when it feels like karma sort of works once in a while?