Angry Memes for Surly, Pissed Off People

I need to get something off my chest. You know all those viral TikToks where influencers take you through their adorable little morning routines? Well, I hate them. I really, really hate them. Who the hell gets up in the morning and actually thinks some sh*t like “Carpe Diem” as they apply their expensive skincare routine and drink a green smoothie? Well, I’m sure those people exist, but they’re definitely RICH, and in no way reflect actual human beings. 

If I were to take you on a journey through my routine, you’d just end up feeling, well, angry. I wake up with an agonized groan and remain in the comfort of my bed (made of scrap wood) for as long as possible as my cats knock things off of my desk to try to convince me to feed them. Once I’m vertical instead of horizontal, I feed the rascals, make some inexpensive coffee and attempt to make myself presentable to go to the office. I then begin my commute, angrily. I ride the train with a scowl on my face, and then walk to the office with my eyes completely dead. I get through the workday by listening to angry music, and then head home, tired, but still pissed off. I sit on the couch, bitterly work some more, try to sleep, and start the cycle once again. Fun, right? 

If you’re an angry person or know someone who is permanently pissed off, well, these memes might come in handy. They definitely make me feel less alone in my seething.