Animal Memes For Those Unafraid of Bugs

I am not afraid of bugs, per se. I wouldn’t call myself an ally to the bug community, but whenever somebody screams and hollers at the sight of a bug, I get a little annoyed. Like, come on…it’s a bug. I believe the widespread fear of bugs comes from the fact that they look so much weirder than any animal in the animal kingdom. Most mammals, ugly as they may be, can look you in the eyes and make a real personal connection with you. Not bugs. Those things are closer in appearance to aliens than they are to lions and tigers and bears.

Those with refined palates can appreciate bugs for all of their quirks and queries. They aren’t like any other animal, and they aren’t trying to be like any other animal. Bugs are “ALIEN SUPERSTARS” no matter how much you want to deny them that title.