Animal Memes For Wilderness Explorers

If I’m being honest, Russell from Up (2009) deserved far more than just a wilderness explorer badge for his adventures with Carl. That child was a friend to the elderly and the animal kingdom more than most of us could dream of being. He had the explorer’s spirit, and he did something about it. He befriended birds and dogs alike and stood up to a freaky old guy in defense of his nice old guy friend. 

Most of us will probably never reach such an advanced state of wilderness exploring. Sure, we may pay a company to help us go ziplining or pay a company to help us go snorkelling or go to the zoo, but is that really what you’d want to put on your Wilderness Explorer Resume? The most important part of wilderness exploring is not being afraid to take risks, but also knowing when to play it safe. If you’re in the mood to play it safe, why not enjoy some hilarious animal memes that won’t bite.