1. There is no age limitation2. There is no requirement for education. Literacy suffices.3. There are 39 lessons in this course.4. The lessons for this course are beautifully designed in the form of cards.5. The sentences on the cards are decorated in a variety of colors, designed to be very easy to understand and the needs of beginner Arabic learners.6. If you feel any difficulty in understanding the lesson, we are ready to answer all your questions throughout the week.7. Due to the great importance of pronouncing letters in the Arabic language, we try to pronounce letters and words in Arabic (classical), and to avoid pronouncing local Arabic in the Arab countries.8. We share with our students all the files related to the course.9. We share with our students all the files related to the course, to raise the level of the student and help develop his language skills. We also take care of the following points: Sound clarity. Clarity of writing in the video. The mouse pointer was used to find the interaction. Each word is indicated during the lesson explanation. Abbreviation in elementary lessons as much as possible to make it easier for the student to memorize it on the same day.