Learn how to become a better, more accountable, responsible and financially stable version of YOU through learning to implement simple tools and creating healthy financial habits, budgets and an outlook into your financial future. You will be guided through the process step by step, learning how to use the tools provided, why they matter, and who you are trying to become in the process. At each step connections with other fields like art, architecture and psychology will be made to facilitate a deeper understanding of the message. We live in an interconnected world, and what we learn needs to resonate within us; otherwise a change for the better is not possible. Managing your finances, and in a way your own life, if viewed as an isolated act may feel like a chore – and it does not have to be. Approaching this topic from multiple directions, but in a simple and coherent fashion, will improve the chance of the material actually having a positive impact in your life. There are three main parts. Situations & DreamsActions & RealityReflect & SpoilThe first part will teach you how to budget your year based on what matters to you. The second part will spur you to take action and show you the necessary steps and tools to take action in reality. The third part will use both of the previous parts to reflect, adjust and look forward using all that you learned. You will be able to identify steps for improvement based on your own actions, which makes this course highly actionable and personal!