Artist Draws Classic Christmas Characters in Popular Animated Styles and the Results are Astonishing

If you were ever a kid that doodled in the margins of your notebooks during class, you might consider yourself a bit of an artist. However, as you got older, you probably realized that you were definitely not very good at drawing after all and left the art to the real artists— like Carter Collins, an animator who is extremely good at drawing cartoon characters. In fact, Carter is so talented, that he has honed his skills to a point where he can mimic classic cartoon styles at the drop of a hat. This Christmas season, he decided to challenge himself to draw some classic holiday characters in styles from various artists… AT RANDOM. First, he randomized the characters and then rolled the dice on which style to draw them in. From there, he combined both and created completely original pieces that are stylized and incredible.

Fortunately as spectators to his feat, we can bask in the glory of a fellow margin doodler turned spectacular artist. Carter exemplifies the man we all wish we were when we were 10 years old, drying up the ink in our pens to fill an entire college-ruled sheet with scribbles. If only our scribbles could be sold online as digital art.