Attention-Seeking Nursing Assistant Baffles and Infuriates Twitter With Absurd Engagement Bait

Social media does have some positive qualities. It brings people together regardless of global location. It allows people with unique problems to connect with the similarly afflicted, allowing for solidarity. It’s also been known to help people reunite with lost pets and even humans. But it can sometimes feel like it does more harm than good, especially in this era of people trying to use the apps to make money and gain attention, the latter of which helps people to do the former. 

One way that internet users try to drum up engagement is by doing appalling things with food, which we’ve talked about in the past – you know, those videos of couples making heinous dinners right (or food hacks) on top of their gleaming mansion counters. Horrible. Other users post fake riddles to stump users. And then there’s the breed of TikToker/Reel maker that posts something so stupid you’re forced to watch their video a million times to try to figure out what it means. One such user managed to get Twitter in quite a tizzy this week with a video that features the following text – along with an attractive selfie. 

“Imagine how good your life would be if you had a 26yo nursing assistant by your side, now replace S with N” 

Stumped? You’re not alone. Tweets about this video rapidly went viral, with users trying to decipher the meaning, while others called the video what it was: engagement bait. While we don’t condone letting the bait win, we were pretty entertained by the tweets that it inspired. So we’re sharing them with you. Here’s to all the “nurning anninants” out there…thanks for making our day on the internet a little funnier, and a little more infuriating.