Aussie Dad Recovers from Brain Tumor, Stroke, and Coma in 5 Month ‘Miracle’ to Spend Christmas at Home

​Credit – Leisa Rutledge

A family in Australia had a lovely Christmas despite the second half of 2022 bringing enough medical misfortunes for a whole lifetime.

Danual Rutledge discovered in July he had a brain tumor, which would have been difficult enough, had he not suffered a stroke in his brain stem after surgery, and fallen into a coma after.

His wife Leisa had to relocate their family of three teenage kids to Brisbane for Danual’s treatment, during which time they were called to the hospital to “possibly say goodbyes.”

No one knew what kind of Danual would be there when he woke up; if he woke up.

Fast-forward to December and Rutledge did, in fact, wake up. Then he began talking, and can even walking again, bringing the neurosurgeon to discharge him from the hospital by saying “Dan, you’re a complete medical miracle.”

Leisa detailed to ABC News Australia that he started his long/short road to recovery tracing letters on her hand to spell out words, with the first being ‘I’m I ever going to walk or eat again?”

His neurosurgeon however responded with ‘yes’ which gave the shattered man confidence to persevere with his recovery. He’s now completed several months of speech, physical, and occupational therapies.

This December, the family returned to their home in the city of Yeppoon, just in time for Christmas Day.

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“It was hard, there were times where I started to get really down, thinking I’m never going to be any good… but Leisa kept pushing me the whole time,” Rutledge told ABC.

His goal is to get back to fixing things around the house, drive his car, and perhaps above all, play golf again.

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