Why deepen shamanic practice? Shamanic work provides energy and insight for daily life, and practicing the basics teaches a lot. That said, there is far, far more to learn! So why not get a big preview? With guidance and diligence, you can open wide the whole amazing landscape of the psyche and also start turning outward to empower others. Like the Beginner course, you will be going on drumming journeys, though often with special instructions that leverage the rich Norse cosmology. Who is your patron deity? How can you find and climb the World Tree? Are you ready to join a spirit tribe or meet a romantic spirit partner? What if a joten dismembers you! What does the rune stone say? You will be finding your unique place as a shaman in a cosmic picture. By the end of the course, you will have greatly expanded your shamanic bag of tricks and you will feel more at home in the spirit world. For example, maybe you want to meet the Norse god Freyr to get help regarding a romantic partner. You can journey to Freyrs hall in Alfheim. Youd better have a good cloak and staff, know the customs, and have a song or dance to fully participate. And if a joten comes along, youll know what kinds of questions to ask it to uncover what it specifically represents as a life challenge for you. By the end, you will be more in touch with various facets of your psyche and the archetypes. You will also learn how to retrieve and share energy with others through music and conduct group drumming journeys. You may well start to get interest from others around you as you plant the seeds of a community. What does the course involve? You will get a concise and comprehensive course. Each lesson takes you on a journey of understanding and discovery. Beyond the six hours of video lecture and demonstrations, we encourage you to try the many exercises. Draw a rune stone, don a mask, do breath work, try Swedish snus, and so forth. Find your spirit tribe! Fly to the moon. Say hello to Odin. Each of these takes time and openness to manifest. You will also find pithy reading material and reference handouts that you can print and refer to at a glance. There are short self-tests to help you absorb the finer points. Also, if you are musically inclined, there are new songs, and there is an exercise that you can do with a friend. Ideally, allow up to a month to absorb the course content even though a week is, in theory, doable. There are so many options. Even after you earn the certificate, you will find yourself making discoveries for many months, even years, to come. With each option, you will benefit by returning to the relevant lecture to freshen your knowledge. This course does is not about casting spells, referring to the occult, or pushing spirit power (might) onto others. Why the Norse cosmology? The Norse cosmology is incredibly rich. Its themes and stories reflect universal human concerns, making it a great framework for psychological and spiritual exploration. In this course, we go deep into that cosmology. Of course, you dont need to learn every one of dozens of deities or all the ins-and-outs of every world in Yggdrasils boughs. More likely, you will find a handful of deitiesFreyja, Odin, etc. as central patron spirits. You may add a joten in there too! The course is not religious or ethnic in nature, and it does not aim to match Norse heathen or pagan beliefs or rites. That said, we do our best to respect established Norse ideas, and we do not shy away from darker themes or shadow work. The Norse were not necessarily a peaceful, egalitarian people in either the Bronze age or Viking age, and their revered ancestors (their gods) werent always either. This course leads into the Advanced course, which delves into working with clients and community though practices such as Norse seidr. Everything you learn here will serve as a resource when learning to work with other people later. By the way, some students discover a different cosmology calls to them. Know that the techniques you learn here are portable and often parallel other shamanic traditions around the world. So if on a journey you find yourself in the Amazon jungle in a maloka, you are still doing the work. What’s shamanic journeying? Going on a drumming journey is a core shamanic practice. By following the repetitive sound of a rattle, drum or chant, and focusing on a select memory and mission, you enter an altered state of consciousness. This relaxes the ego, which can get stuck in an unsatisfying mood and mindset. Once relaxed, the process allows in helpful material from the unconscious. It is far more than visualizing or dreaming. A shamanic journey taps your inner healer and inner storyteller and engages your whole self for therapeutic benefit. Each journey you will take will build on the others or opens new vistas. Over time, you will gain spirit allies that bring greater perceptiveness, peace, purpose, power (energy), and prosperity into your life. Among these are powerful and wise deity spirits and shadowy, difficult joten spirits. When you do more cha