Awful Cringe Sourced Straight From the Bowels of the Internet

Considering that we’re meant to be the most intelligent species on this planet, we sure don’t act like it a lot of the time. It might be proof of our intelligence that we’re capable of having such strong feelings of embarrassment, but we should not be getting it activated by other people or ourselves so frequently. 

Social media is no help with this either, as many of us seem to bend over backwards to prove that having unrestricted internet access was a bad idea. We should probably all know less about each other, but the pressing need that many of us have for humiliation keeps us going. It’s never wise to get too smug when looking at cringe, because it could be you one day. The most painful thing about cringeworthy moments is that none of us are immune from them, even if we wouldn’t do many of the things that can be found in this list.