Awful Cringe That Really, Really Sucks

Some people need to be sat down and talked to. They are far past the point of “are you OK?” and veer dangerously into “please, just stop doing this” territory. There are as many reasons for us to do embarrassing things as there are stars in the sky, and that’s probably why many produce such insane volumes of cringe day in, day out. 

Of course, the internet doesn’t help in this regard, with the embarrassments of the world having free reign over sharing with the rest of us the kind of things that make us squirm over and over. Nonetheless, we keep coming back to watch. Just like many have evolved to enjoy getting their tastebuds butchered by chili peppers, we have decided that there’s something addictive and fun about observing cringeworthy moments. Cringe comes for us all at some point, so we may as well prepare ourselves by seeing others do it first.