Modern medicine is an illness system not a health system and we have forgotten that man and nature have existed for millions of years without the help of science. Until recently the health of man and of the planet depended on the laws of nature which are very clear if we would only pay attention. Obesity is considered to be a crisis in Western countries but at the same time thousands of people suffer from eating disorders and/or are underweight. Clearly there is an underlying problem in the modern attitude towards diet and lifestyle. It is not enough to simply diet a way out of these problems but an overwhelming need to get to the root cause.I believe the only solution is for each person to become aware of their own issues and understand what they have to do to rectify their particular situation. Modern nutritional advice has a one size fits all approach and has a poor understanding of the cause. If the car wont run we have to find out why and get it repaired. The same applies to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, allergies, arthritis, the list goes on. The diseases are rampant in modern society and medicine only provides bandaid solutionsit never gets to the root cause which in most cases is deeply rooted. Traditional societies who eat real food and live largely according to nature have other health problems related to contaminated water, communicable disease, starvation etc. but have a strong immunity and do not suffer from the chronic illnesses that are so prevalent in the West. This course is not a quick fix but requires commitment to change based on an understanding of ones self and a desire to end the cycle of dieting. The digestive system is a complex mechanism which takes food and turns it into energy and if we dont put the right foods in the right quantities into our body, then we will not see the results we want. If we always do what we always did, we always get what we always got. Ayurveda, the Science of Life gives us the knowledge to learn again the laws of nature tostrengthen our immune system and therefore prevent disease. In doing so we learn how to manage health rather than manage our illnesses which according to ayurveda are nothing more than imbalances created by the environment, diet and lifestyle and inappropriate habits which interfere with good heath. All of this is written in the ancient texts of ayurveda. This does not mean that recent developments in science and technology have not benefitted mankind, but without using ancient wisdom it will only have partial success. Ayurveda holds the secret to managing health and disease prevention by strengthening the immune system and balancing weight. It is a revolutionary method of self analysis, authentic ancient knowledge and practices which balancethe energies of body and mind. This course provides knowledge of the basic principles of the science of life – Ayurveda. The student will learn how proper food and eating habits are in fact the best medicine and that the food choiceswe make every daycan improve immunity and prevent disease. The role of the mind is crucial to managing health because today there is so much influence coming from the food industry and even the health food industry that there is no reference point for right choices. Ayurveda provides this reference point. Once the student experiences positive changeand realizes what optimal health really means then they have confidence in their ability to apply the principles of ayurveda and make them into a way of life. Knowledge of the true nature of the body and mind is the key to success in managing health, improving immunity, achieving an ideal weight and preventing disease. As an ayurvedic practitioner I have become increasingly aware of how little most people know about the food they eat, their own unique body and mind and what foods are best suited for them. Recent generations have been bombarded by advertising of foodwhich has evolvedfor reasons other than the promotion of complete health. The result is thousands of people are suffering from health issues. The sad thing is, even with our so called advanced civilization there are no solutions and most people dont even recognize it as a problem. My course consists of voiceover videos covering the basic concepts of ayurveda as they apply to the body, mind and daily living. Talking head videos are tailored to substantiate and compliment these videos. With the marketing strategies of the food industry today, even of health food, it is difficult for the lay person to make informed decisions on what they should eat. Section 2 on food is based on fundamental principles which have a scientific basis and rules associated with diet and lifestyle, and will give the student a knowledge base to refer to. Many of our food habits are based on emotional conflicts within us. Section 3 on the mind will help the student to go beyond the mind, realize it and learn to control it therefore strengthening willpower. Section 4 focuses on the application of ayurveda principles to achieve optimal healt