Backlogged Memes That Got Lost in the System

We’ve got a lot of memes in the system here at Memebase. Most of them are floating around in one drawer or another, waiting to be used later. It’s my job to find all the memes stuffed in a filing cabinet and decide which ones deserve to breathe the sweet air of spring. It’s not always an easy decision. I have to look memes in the eye and tell them, “Sorry old chap, maybe you’ll be put in a list of funny random memes next week.” It’s never fun news to deliver, but somebody’s got to do it. 

The following memes are memes I have wholly neglected up until now. I had to blow the thick layer of dust off of them with a blow dryer. When that didn’t work, I had to get out the mini vacuum cleaner. Finally, they’re all cleaned up and ready for public consumption. I beg of you, please go easy on them.