For lovers of Italian cuisine, Basic Italian Cooking Skills can jump-start a lifelong passion in starters, pasta, main courses and side dishes. This course centered on authenticity and aptitude in Italian Cooking. In 16 lessons, you will cover topics including pasta, vegetables, seafood, meat and fish. More specific, students will learn how to prepare soffritto, and use it for tomato sauce and spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil. Five other lessons are focused on pasta: Carbonara, Pesto sauce, Risotto with saffron, Linguine with fresh clams and Spaghetti with seafood and shell food. Other two lessons are focused about vegetables. You will learn how to prepare Caponata and perfect Roasted and baked potatoes. Fish and meat complete the course focusing about Meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and Milanese steak. Finally you will leant how to cook four fish main courses: Octopus and potatoes, Whole fish in crust salt, Swordfish with veggies and herbs and Filet of fish in foil with potatoes. I will offer my knowledge about Italian cuisine, which I learned during my long experience as a chef and owner of three Italian restaurants. Students will gain an intensive overview of Italian culture and cooking, that are then yours for a lifetime of sharing with family and friends. UPGRADEMAY2020:I add a special certificate. The course will teach you how to cook 15 Italian recipes. Students will send me pics of 10 different recipes will receive a nominative printable certificate.