Basics of Islamic finance course gives learners a thorough introduction to the concepts, instruments and financial institutions as foundation course to understand the world of Islamic finance. Basics of Islamic finance course begins with the basic introduction to Islamic finance, industry, history and reason for the existence of Islamic finance. Learners then introduced to the Islamic financial instruments and Islamic banking. Next, the learners investigate about Islamic capital market, Islamic bond and Islamic insurance. At the end of this course, the learners will get a comprehensive understanding of Islamic finance industry as beginner. The course will help the learners who want to get know about Islamic finance industry, start a course in Islamic finance in undergraduate and masters level. Further, this course also help the finance professionals in traditional finance industry to know about Islamic finance industry. Note: This course has been prepared according to Accounting, auditing and Sharia Standards of AAOIFI(Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institution). AAOIFI is Bahrain based international standard setting organization for Islamic financial institution. Most of the Islamic financial institutions follow AAOIFI standard when preparing and auditing their financial statements. Sharia standards of AAOIFI are used to structure Islamic financial products. The instructor is a fellow member of AAOIFI and also a Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor of AAOIFI. Syllabus1. Basics of Islamic finance2. History of Islamic finance3. Islamic Commercial Law4. Islamic finance instruments5. Islamic banking6. Islamic Capital Market (ICM)7. Islamic bond – Sukuk8. Islamic Insurance – TakafulCase studies 6 Guideline materials 3