BEHAVIORAL FINANCEis a relatively new area of study. Blending together psychology and finance, this subject came about as professors and practitioners of both professions found themselves faced with an inescapable truth: PEOPLE ARE EMOTIONAL ABOUT MONEY! Not only are people emotional about money, but this emotion and themisjudgement that it causes has a huge negative affect on the average person’s finances. Understanding the Psychology of Human Misjudgement, made popular by Warren Buffett’s right hand manCharlie Munger, willhelp you to make better financial decisions, be a betterinvestor, andhelp you build wealth much faster. In this course you will learn:1. Why people arebad with money and you don’t have to be2. How to be a better investor3. How to make rational financial decisions4. How to build wealth steadily over time with low risk5. How to overcome common psychological errors that lead to bad financial decisions6. Much moreJoin the course and use your new understanding of Behavioral Finance to make better investing decisions and build more wealth faster than anyone that does not understand these fundamentals principles!