Best Memes About Customers for Weary Customer Service Representatives

People who spend their entire working lives doing jobs that involve interacting with the general public deserve some kind of award. I know this might sound dramatic, but seriously, have you met some of those weirdos? It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting for your life in retail or clocking a grueling shift in healthcare, it’s the people you serve that can make or break your day.

The customer is a terrifying creation. At their worst, they offer a mixture of stupidity and self-righteousness that is enough to break even the strongest character. When a job sucks without even factoring them into the equation, they only make things even worse. 

That said, we can’t be completely negative about them. There are also exceptions to the rule who offer genuine rays of sunshine in the dark, murky world of customer service. Still, there’s plenty of material here for a few satirical memes. If we can’t talk back to customers, at least we can laugh.