Beyond Meat Executive Aggressively Bites A Man’s Nose, Sparking Hilarious Memes

Imitation meat can really get you down. I enjoy a good veggie or black bean burger every once and a while, but a large part of that is because veggie burgers know what they are. They know they aren’t meat, and they aren’t pretending to be meat. The same cannot be said for imitation meat company Beyond Meat. They know they are phonies in more ways than one. 

While leaving the Arkansas Razorbacks stadium, top Beyond Meat Executive Doug Ramsey got into a fight with a Subaru driver. The fight culminated with the Chief Operating Officer biting the nose of the man, which allegedly tore off some of the skin. Ramsey was arrested for this act.

An imitation meat employee chomping down on human schnoz enough to break the skin? The jokes write themselves. Twitter has had a ball game with this utterly ironic assault, reacting to this crime with tweets hilarious and hack alike.