Bizarre Images That Feel Like Someone’s Custom Character Showed Up in a Video Game Cutscene

Most gamers who have played an RPG or two understand the humor in seeing a custom character end up in a serious cutscene. The experience creates a sense of unexpectedness and breaking the fourth wall, especially if the character is heavily modded. When you create a custom character in a video game, you are usually creating a unique avatar that represents you in the game’s world. So when that character suddenly appears in a pre-made cutscene, it can be pretty hilarious to see your personalized avatar interacting with the game’s story and characters in discordant ways.

Now, imagine walking down the street and suddenly seeing a person wearing a full-body mascot costume of a cartoon character, casually interacting with people around them as if they were a part of the normal world, or getting your school group photo back and seeing that one black metal fan who decided to show up in full corpse paint. Surreal and unexpected scenes caught in the wild can often feel like the experience of seeing a custom video game character show up in a cutscene. We’ve rounded up a bunch of funny examples of this phenomenon for your amusement.