Boeing Employee Buys Winning Ticket on Hunch When Lottery Hits ‘747’ Million–Just Like the Jets She Helped Make

​The Boeing 747 when it was unveiled in 1968

A 36-year Boeing employee noticed at a local grocery store in her home of Auburn Washington that the Powerball jackpot had reached $747 million.

In a nod to her place of work, she decided to buy a ticket after the number of Boeing’s premier jumbo passenger jet, the 747.

In another coincidence, the jackpot had reached $747 million the week in which Boeing sold its last 747 ever.

A believer in fate might say it was meant to be, since winner Becky Ball had already spent the weekly allocation she gives herself for buying lottery tickets. But noticing the connection with her job she “had to buy one more ticket” when she saw the number at her local Fred Meyer grocery store.

Becky Ball has released no statements, interviews, or information about herself, but has told reporters privately that she intends to share the money throughout her extended family.

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She had planned to retire at the end of June, but will instead advance that date to March following her choice to claim the lottery as a lump sum rather than in increments, which after taxes is around $309 million.

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Despite the drastic reduction, she could still afford a Boeing 747 and have money left over to live comfortably until the end of her days.

The Fred Meyer store received a $50,000 gift from the state lottery for being the one who sold the winning ticket, which they plan to donate to feed the homeless and needy, as well as a $10,000 party thrown for the associates of the store.

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